Janine wishes to conduct a poll to predict how many dance club members will vote for her for club president.Which polling methods are likely to be biased?Select each correct answer.A. Five of Janine's friends are selected and asked for whom they intend to vote.B. From a list of all club members, 25 members are selected at random and asked for whom they intend to vote.C. Janine chooses 5 members that plan on voting for her and asks each to select another 5 members. These 25 members are asked for whom they intend to vote.D. Every 10th club member from a list of all members is selected and asked for whom the member intends to vote.

Accepted Solution

"Bias" means someone shows inclination towards someone or something because of the relationship that person has with that thing or person.Β 

In this case, since Janine has friends that are also in the dance club, they are more likely to vote for her as president because they are friends with her. So, answer A is likely to be biased because the five people sampled are her friends.Β 

Answer C is also biased because the sample chosen already plan on voting for her as president, and they are more than likely to find others who plan to vote for her.